How to understand ART.

You Don’t need to understand it. Buy what you love.  At some point in our lives we develop a love for certain objects, places, things, etc.  And some of those things we love makes us feel happy, and so we want to feel that happiness all the time.  Buying art is an extension of happiness to what makes you feel happy and good inside.

Art at home.

We are bombarded with marketing and advertising everyday of our lives and when we come home we want a feeling of peace, serenity and rest.  Our home defines who we are because we are the ones who choose everything in our home.  

In my early 20’s I’ve moved so many times that I have become somewhat of a minimalist, I still have a lot of things in my little home, but I want less,  less is more.  Think about all your things in your garage or storage, If it’s in the storage, then you don’t need it, and you will never use it, you basically got tired of your old things and put it in your garage and you think someday i’ll use it again. In reality you’ll never use it again.  I’ve learned that letting go of your old things helps to bring in better things in your life.  A side note I always told myself is that you should never hold onto anything or create value to material things, because those are all replaceable.   

If you think art is difficult to understand then it will be difficult.  Think about when you go out to shop for things, let’s say a handbag or some new kicks. Do you not always tend to pick the same style or type? People are a creature of habit and we always tend to go with what you know or what makes you feel comfortable, you are attracted to certain colors and styles that you seem to stick to throughout your life.  You develop your own style and it becomes you and people identify you as being that way.  

Artwork speaks to everyone differently, let’s say you love a certain painting and your friend absolutely hates it.  Do you think that maybe your seeing something she or he is not seeing?  Are you weird for liking it? Absolutely not!  I know I may be stating the obvious, but to some people it’s not obvious.  Society today cares so much about what others think of them, it’s pretty pathetic and sad at the same time.  You should never let people influence you on what you deem as beautiful or artistic.  What matters is what you feel about it and how it makes you feel when you look at it.  Art has a special place in everyone’s heart. 

Do, support your local artists, they are passionate with what they do and they normally will not mass produce their work, which means they are more rare and limited.  There are always local art shows in cities that you can attend and find something that you love or can’t live without.  Not everyone can afford an old master painting or a May Ray photography, but you can afford to invest in local emerging artists.  Don’t get stuck in being a label whore, and buying just what you heard is famous. Sometimes these artists only become famous because some celebrity bought it or they were marketed well.   

Do your homework, go to art fairs and have an open mind when your searching, the right piece will come to you.  


Don’t buy art to fill certain spaces or buy art to match your couch. I remember when I went shopping for my new condo I looked everywhere for good artwork, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I looked at flea markets, discount stores, etc… It was just a bunch of mass produced work that was badly framed, and just typical commercial art, it wasn’t my type of art I wanted to see everyday nor waste my money on.  I wanted something that described who I was and what I liked. So I hang my own art in my home and I have some art pieces I bought from an emerging artist.


Kids are never too young to start looking at and living with art. Art is like a language. The earlier you learn to speak it the better.  Kids will also feel free to express themselves when you explain what art is. Don’t ever be intimated by it, because there is no right or wrong art, it’s what you like and not what others like.  



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